Self portrait 

It’s a self portrait for the age of 43. The first time using the newly bought pastel pencils didn’t feel as good as expected. They are as dirty as the soft pastels, which made me feel a little disappointed.


Flying away

A good day to say goodbye. Tried oil pastels to draw a picture based on a still from an independent but very popular and interesting Chinese TV play. Although it was not easy to draw details using oil pastels, I decide to dump the soft pastels from now on.

Quiet and noisy blues

I like the colour of blue as it always gives me a feeling of quietness. However, when I over highlight it, it becomes noisy. Perhaps a certain level of grayscale is better to reduce the tenseness.

I didn’t realise I’ve started to pay more attention to light and shadow when I took photographs. Perhaps my subconsciousness told me to do like this from a drawing point of view.