Hyde Park Picture House Again

Saw a film in this cinema again at weekend. It felt like a small world for me, quiet but exciting with a touch of sadness and loneliness.


University of Leeds

It’s a photograph of my university that I took last year. Giving some artistic effects to the photo using a simple and stupid photo software makes it look like an oil painting and a dream land as well. Leeds, a lonely city, is giving me a mixed feeling…

Quiet and noisy blues

I like the colour of blue as it always gives me a feeling of quietness. However, when I over highlight it, it becomes noisy. Perhaps a certain level of grayscale is better to reduce the tenseness.

I didn’t realise I’ve started to pay more attention to light and shadow when I took photographs. Perhaps my subconsciousness told me to do like this from a drawing point of view.

Hyde Park Picture House

It was the first time to go to the Hyde Park Picture House to see a film. Passed through the park, followed Google Map, asked people for directions, then finally got to the destination. Never thought there would be so many local people waiting outside the cinema in a queue for tickets. Wondered if the film was so attractive to them or they just liked watching movies at weekends.

Don’t know about others, my ticket didn’t indicate seat number, so chose one randomly in the upstair balcony. I could see the stage and screen clearly and comfortably from my place, but couldn’t take a photo of the classical decoration on the out wall surface of the balcony.

There are always some advertisements and trailers presented before a film, and I know it’s a normal routine. However, I’ve never thought I would have to see those for a whole hour before La La Land appeared in the screen. It was a really funny and special experience. Anyway, some trailers interested me such as Jackie, Ghost in the Shell etc.. I knew I would come again soon,  and I am sure I can find the way to the Picture House more easily, next time.